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H3/P3 w/ FSL & RLF or have a SAHGA H4/P4 sponsor or Instructor

Sign the liability release required by the City of Tucson



About 5-10 minutes from downtown Tucson, Arizona


Primarily winter, year round when southerly winds are available.


Soarable with about 15 mph south wind (frontal). Thermalling in spring/summer/fall.

Required Wind Conditions

Sentinel Peak ( A-Mountain)

Wing: PG

Wind Direction

Left, Ideal

140 deg.

Right, Ideal

160 deg.

Left, OK

125 deg.

Right, OK

180 deg.

Wind Velocity


5 mph


10 mph


16 mph


  • This is a very small ridge soaring site, careful observance of ridge rules is required when multiple HG/PG are airborne.
  • This site is located under the outer ring of the Tucson International Airport class "C" airspace. Ceiling is 4200 feet MSL, edge is several miles north. DO NOT ENTER CONTROLLED AIRSPACE!
  • Congested VFR airspace below floor of class B, particularly weekday. Watch for helicopters and other general aviation aircraft travelling this heavily-used corridor. LZ-DESC: Large primary LZ east of launch, in front of the 'A'. Not suitable after wind has switched westerly due to rotor.
  • Very close to city center and highways. Observe part 103 restictions about flying over congested areas. The only available cross-country route is north to northwest. Do not fly further east than the east LZ, or further south than the postage stamp LZ
  • This site is also popular with local R/C glider pilots. Watch for collision hazards.
  • Launch and LZ are dotted with natural hazards in the form of cactus and desert vegetation, and should be flown only by very experienced local pilots.
  • Dehydration and heat exhaustion are a real hazard during hot weather. Bring plenty of water.
  • Desert flying is hazardous in hot weather. Inexperienced pilots should limit flights to evenings under the guidance of a local pilot. DO NOT attempt to fly this site for the first time without a local guide!
  • Rain or virga in the desert produces gust fronts and microbursts. Watch for overdevelopment or lines of moving dust.
  • Desert vegetation has teeth and eats the wings of the unwary or careless.
  • Rattlesnakes may be present during spring, summer, and early fall.

Ratings / Requirements:

This site is posted no HG/PG Flying except under the terms of SAHGA's agreement with the City of Tucson. Pilots must:

  • Be a rated USHPA member (HG or PG)
  • Be a member of SAHGA (temporary memberships available)
  • Be qualified to safely fly the site (H3/P3, or have a SAHGA H4/P4 sponsor).
  • Sign the liability release required by the City of Tucson
  • Carry an ID card provided by SAHGA that indicates that the other requirements were met.

These requirements are restrictive, but are the terms demanded by the city for the privilege of flying in a busy city park. Please help us keep "A" Mountain open for flying by observing these rules.


SAHGA club frequency is 151.505

Launch 1:

SE asphalt ramp, about 2500' MSL (300' over LZs) HG, advanced PG

Launch 2:

E, NE from top of the mountain (hike up, about 300' vertical) HG, PG

Launch Direction:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

Launch Access:

Paved 2wd

LZ 1:

Large city-owned vacant lot immediately east of the mountain. Not suitable if wind turns west.

LZ 2:

Use small secondary LZ south of launch across the highway, adjacent to drainage ditch for west wind landings. Suitable for west wind. Overshoot results in unpleasantness with cactus.

LZ Directions:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

LZ Access:

2wd city road.


Large asphault parking area.




Parking lot, walk glider to launches.


911 City PD; St. Mary's hospital, 1 mile.