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45 minutes south of Tucson, in the west side of the Santa Rita Mountains


Year-round, gets hot during the summer (it is Arizona, after all).


West through northwest winds. An afternoon site with great evening glass-offs.


  • Desert flying is hazardous in hot weather. Inexperienced pilots should limit flights to evenings and MUST fly under the guidance of a local pilot. Regardless of your experience level DO NOT attempt to fly this site for the first time without a local guide!
  • A southwest wind aloft will feel straight in on launch, but will produce a fierce rotor blowing over the ridge along the flight path to the LZ.
  • Rain or virga in the desert produces gust fronts and microbursts. Watch for overdevelopment or lines of moving dust.
  • Desert vegetation has teeth and eats the wings of the unwary or careless.

Ratings / Requirements:

H3, H2 with instructor or local guide. USHGA site insurance, membership required.


SAHGA club frequency is 151.925 (USHGA Ch. 2)


About 1.5 miles east of front LZ in the back of the canyon. About 5700 MSL, or 1300 above LZ.

Launch Direction:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

Launch Access:

Rough 4wd forest road.

Launch Parking:

Very limited, must park in the narrow road so it's essential to coordinate.


The Meadows LZ, the usual HG rally point and the "over-the-back" destination. Huge fenced flat field with gate access next to paved Forest Road 62, about 4900 MSL. BLM land.

LZ Directions:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

LZ Access:

Paved two-lane road.

LZ Parking:

In the LZ or along paved F.R. 62. Plenty of room. Please close the gate after passing through!


Fairly large field about 4400 MSL. Slight downhill slope to the northwest, the preferred landing direction. Arizona State Trust land under SAHGA group activity permit.

Bailout Directions:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

Bailout Access:

Rough but usable 2wd dirt road on State Trust land.

Bailout Parking:

Along road near LZ.




911 Pima County Sheriff's Department; St. Mary's hospital, 10 miles north Rt 19 to Rt 10, take Congress St. Exit, west on Congress until it turns north into Silverbell, 0.5 mi. north.