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About 10 miles east of Sonoita - 70 miles southeast of Tucson.




Southwest winds. Typically flown in evening glass-offs. This site can be unpredicatble and is easily blown out.


  • In strong southwest conditions (common summer afternoons) getting blown over the back is very bad. Rotor lives there and will hurt you. Winds aloft can be considerably different than those on launch or in the LZ, particularly in high pressure weather.
  • If winds are northwest aloft the "biscuit" (the nearby butte - you'll know it when you see it) produces turbulence.
  • Don't land in fields north and west of launch due to hostile landowners.
  • Dehydration and heat exhaustion are a real hazard during hot weather. Bring plenty of water for the hike up.
  • Rain or virga in the desert sometimes produce gust fronts and microbursts. Watch for overdevelopment or lines of moving dust.
  • Desert vegetation has teeth and eats the wings of the unwary or careless.

Ratings / Requirements:

P2, H2


SAHGA club frequency is 151.925 (USHGA Ch. 2)


West-facing walk-up on BLM land, about 5900 feet MSL. Takes winds ssw (200) through wnw (290) up to about 15 mph, depending on pilot's experience level. Rarely flyable if winds aloft are forecast over 10 knots at 6k, 15 knots at 9k. Don't launch in winds over 16 knots (18 mph)!

Launch Direction:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

Launch Access:

Walk-up site.


Very large field, about 5000 MSL.

LZ Directions:

Visitors please see the listed site contacts for information.

LZ Access:

State highway to 2wd dirt road.






911 Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department.