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industrial sewing machines for sale

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 12:29 pm
by Mic
To all, i'm sorry for missing the party, but i had a few irons in the fire.

If anyone in the club is thinking about getting the rigger rating, i will help you as long as i have these machines. if you buy one or more i will help you with the rating for free.

Just a reminder to those who might be thinking about doing so sewing for themselves...i still have a few industrial sewing machines left.

For the "Harness" minded : Singer 141W, with extra
Hook/table/motor/stand, free ship in AZ.

For the light /medium and canopy weight stuff :
Singer 112W double needle, NEW binding
attachment, motor, stand, table,free ship
in AZ

for the light (canopy,binding tape repairs) weight :
Singer 191D single needle, PLENTY of
attachments with this machine, motor,
stand,table, free ship in AZ

and YES.....a bar-tacker : Singer 269W, adjustable 28 stitch bartack,
this is the HEAD ONLY. i can find you the rest
if needed.
Prices are listed on www.dropzone.com. my ID is riggerss4

call anytime 520-440-6676