SAHGA's official frequency is 151.925

As USHPA members, we can use the USHPA frequencies (151.505, 151.625 (emergency), 151.925, 151.955, 158.400). Call sign is WPRY420. In order to use the USHPA frequencies, technically, you do need to pass a test and fill out the USHPA Radio Authorization Form.

These frequencies are in the business band and the business band can be quite annoying during the week with construction workers and delivery drivers. In addition, the ability to use repeaters would be really useful in retrieve situations, therefore, we urge you to get a HAM license so we can use the amateur radio band. Keep in mind that using the HAM frequencies without a lincense is illegal and if caught, you will pay a fine and your equipment (including your flying gear) may be confiscated.