Gunter's Paragliding Wing

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Gunter's Paragliding Wing

Post by Gunter » Wed Apr 04, 2007 1:47 pm

There are only two items left:

1). My wing is a new Pro Design Thema (large) 198# - 242#s. The colors are orange and white. It has less than 6 hrs on it. I love it. I got a heck of a deal - I paid $1500 for a $2700 wing.
It is DHV 2 rated, but has all 1-2's, except for one DHV 2 (accelerated asymmetric collapse). I love the way the wing flies. Asking $1,500 -Or BEST OFFER (that's reasonable.).

2). Also for sale is a tandem bridle straps with self locking beaners. $50

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