Free gliders and harness+reserve

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Free gliders and harness+reserve

Post by Rando67 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:16 pm

Hello to all my old friends in SAHGA. After being retired from hang gliding for 9-years, I have finally resolved that I will not return to the sport. I have two old high-perf gliders:

1989 Moyes GTR 148
1992 Moyes XS 155

and a 1992 CG 1000 harness (small). The harness includes a pda chute with a compressed-air rocket deployment system.

I last flew the XS 155 off of Miller in Nov 2000. Both of these kites would have to be checked out by Eric, who did do an annual on the XS in 1997, replacing the lower wires and some other minor repairs.

The sport and its participants gave me a lot, so I want to give back something. Hopefully, some of this stuff is still useable. IT IS FREE TO WHOEVER WANTS IT.

Call Randy Rogers at 520-298-6874 Merry Christmas!

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